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Buoy Hopping, equivalent term in aviation speak ?


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My brother was in the coast guard and used the term “Buoy Hopping” for weekend sailors who went line of sight from one buoy to the next and who did not bother to get good at navigating over the horizon. Is there an equivalent term in aviation speak for flying from one VOR beacon to the next VOR beacon (without bothering to get good at intermediate intersects and arcs). (Useful for weekend VFR flying of course).


"VOR Hopping" perhaps




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Before VOR, there was "Omni", and before that there was the "Iron Rail", that being the art of flying from place to place along a major roadway or a railway as depicted on a sectional chart. Although I had sufficient navigation skills (both afloat and aloft), I pretty much flew from Marathon, Florida to suburban Washington, DC that way in 1961 as a student pilot.
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