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Alaska Virtual Airlines Press Release


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Alaska Virtual Airlines Press Release


Alaska Virtual Airlines was created in late 2015 by 2 avid flight simulator enthusiasts looking to create a premier flight simulator community revolving around the real world Alaska Airlines.




ASA Virtual currently operates over 2500 route’s, all of them can be flown by any of our pilots at any time. All of our routes are based of the real Alaska Airlines route’s (As of 10/01/2015). We hope to continue to keep our routes very close or the same as the real Alaska Airlines.




ASA Virtual currently operates every plane that the real Alaska Airlines uses on a daily bases. Including Boeing 737’s/757’s, DHC-6’s and a list of other aircrafts.




Here at ASA Virtual we are always recruiting more staff to assist in running our airline. To join the ASA staff you to make sure you do the following, (Fly 4 flights a month - Keep your hub/task under good operation - Come and be part of administrator meetings) as you can probably tell being a staff member will take a lot of commitment. As for joining the airline as a pilot, we are always recruiting pilots! We currently have 4 hubs (KSEA - PANC - PAKT - KORD) but we fly all over the USA, Canada and surrounding areas. As for pilot commitments (2 Flights a month) that's really all, just make sure you follow the community guidelines (To get upon applying)


Thank you, and see ya in the sky!


David E - Chief Executive Officer

Andrew C - Chief Operations Officer


http://www.alaska-virtual.com or email us at press@alaska-virtual.com

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