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Double localizer


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It's great to point to a FSX Tool when at the FS9 site.


The FS9 version of ADE can be found

here http://www.scruffyduck.org/downloads/4584110854


There is no such thing as an FS9 version of ADE.


ADE is ADE and it works with FS9, FSX and P3D.


Your link points to the same software.



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If you are deleting one of the localizers bare in mind that the offset one might be the correct "real life" one. It is offset to ensure that aircraft are not flown too close to a hazard (such as high ground) on an approach. ZYTL Dalian in NE China is one such example on rwy 10. Enjoy your flying, Roy.
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Is it possible there are 2, side-by-side runways, like at SFO? Or maybe the add-on scenery adds the second ILS? Is it the same with no add-on sceneries? No add-on BGL's in the Add-on Scenery\scenery folder? No add-on NavAid corrections from a 3rd party?

Just tossing ideas out, before they get lonely and leave my brain...



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I´ve recently noticed a few airports have duplicated localizers unaligned with the runway. An axample is tropicalsim´s TNCC. I only have that Curacao scenery installed. Any ideas as to how to remove the extra ILS?

This is clearly an issue with the add-on scenery if, as you say, you have nothing else installed. The default scenery does not haver this issue.


It is very tempting to say (with tongue firmly in cheek) that the way to remove the extra ILS is to remove the add-on but on a more serious note you may want to temporarily disable it to be 100% sure the problem is with the scenery.


Then contact the developers, there is already mention of a similar issue here - http://www.tropicalsim.net/forum/index.php?topic=288.0 - which was apparently fixed very quickly.


Other airports need identifying on an individual basis - as has been said some are deliberately so. There no fits-all answer.





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FYI: Charts




shows inbound bearing (mag.) as 111. That would be the correct of the two.


Use ADE to check the frequency and ident of the correct one. In ADE also check the approach view besides the airport view.


These charts are from 2003 so check the magnetic deviation drift when comparing courses.

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