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exhaust smoke

Allen Craig

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This is FS doing the effect


Aircraft with no smoke effects in the aircraft cfg smoke


All aircraft smoke upon startup


Doesn't this happen in your system?


Like I said, usually the engine startup smoke comes from the [Effects] area of the aircraft.cfg. Smoke from the [smokeSystem] comes from hitting the (I) key. If it's coming from the model then there's not much you can do for it. If it's something in the .air file, then you may be able to edit that.

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is there a way to stop the exhaust smoke effect at startup and when planes are switched?


It is absurdly excessive, but I don't just want to lessen the effect, I would like to eliminate it, completely.


Thanks for your help



Many of these effects are not controlled by the smoke system but within the model or the sim itself. There may not be anything in the aircraft.cfg to change to control them. However, to stop it for all planes its a simple matter of removing the effects file that makes the smoke. Looking in my effects folder I see some likely candidates. fx_engstrt and fx_engsmoke and fx_engsmoke2. I would try moving them to a temp foder (don't delete in case you want them back). Start here, see if that does it for you.

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No need to move files. Just rename them: to 'fx_XXXX.fx.bck' (and say 'ok' to warning).

Chuck B

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