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PRO-ATCx gate/parking problem


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Hello.I have problem with PRO-ATC gate/parking positions for some airports.For example Tbilisi - UGTB.When I select UGTB as dest/dep airport It requires me to select parking position but there is no parking positions available to choose(but in FSX they are).I thing it's because in PRO-ATC Tbilisi airport ICAO is UGTB and in FSX it's UGGG(this is old one).I'm using FSX:SE now but some time ago I used FSX an there I had same problem.I tried aligning in PRO-ATC but noting.

I registered on PRO-ATC official forum but it needs moderator review so I'm trying here to save some time.Also can you help me change UGGG to UGTB? I can't change it in ADE I found some guides how to change it but I can't retype ICAO code in airport properties.

Thank you.

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