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Some Help Locating Large Dirt Airfield for FSX!

SAM Hunter

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Hello all, I hope you can help me locate a airfield in Australia or New Guinea for FSX:


One with a large airport area and most important a dirt runway! Capable of handling large four engine World War II aircraft (B-17 - B-24) for film.


If anyone knows of a town or city in Australia or New Guinea for FSX that has a dirt runway please inform me with the location.


Town and Name preferred, if it is a add-on scenery could you also provided a link




David :pilot:.

"Remember, All you have to do is ask."


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found bitumen, graveled,volcanic sand and marston mats didn't find dirt.




Bomber runway, 7000 ft x 150 ft. 500 ft overrun on each end. Fighter runway 7000 ft x 100 ft

Surface: Coral


Also Google:


Army Engineer Veteran..Busted for insubordination Nam-1966 :cool:
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