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Virtual Airline :3


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So.. I am kinda stuck. I want to fly for a virtual airline, but I cant seem to find myself in anything that matches my requirements.. So, Ill ask here!


*13 year olds should be allowed... (Yes, I am young.. dont blame meh :3)

*I dont fly on VATSIM, so I want one that lets me fly offline.

*Small monthly requirement of flights, I have lots of schoolwork atm so I dont have time to do alot of flights..

*Mostly European or International flights, not too interested to fly in the US.


Is there any virtual airlines that has those?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

Try this one



This is their forum web, and they include many airlines, and as young as you can be, you can join


Read this one too.



Hope this help.


Seems shut down or so, I press register but it says "Admin doesnt accept new requests at this moment" or something like that.

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Hello Linda,

I am the CEO of Air Europa Virtual, Off-Line flights are allowed, and if you only fly Off-Line we could do an exception about your age, we have Regular and Charter flights, so feel free to fly from / to at your choice with any aircraft, we operate as Air Europa and Skyteam Virtual.


Yuo could book regular flights or perfmor any one at your own discretion with any aircraft. (On-Line flights we require other procedures and rules. xD).




If you like the website don't hestitate to mail me.


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