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VC gauges

Allen Craig

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In a certain aircraft I downloaded there is a clock in the vc, but no VSI gauge


How can I remove the clock and place a VSI gauge there


I have tried placing this - Cessna!Vertical_Speed - gauge there but that didn't work


I guess because it's the VC, not a 2d panel


Thanks for any help

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It should have worked. I have the 737 flap indicator in a 747vc. (747vc built into 737 aircraft.)


the position must be exactly right. To far over to the side, or to low/high, and you won't see it. In a vc a gauge is "behind a hole in the vc-panel", so if it is not in the correct position it will be hidden behind the "vc-panel" and not visible.


You must of course add it in the panel.cfg in the [VCockpit] section. (lower down in the file.)

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Piglet's Mooney Mite - M-18C


Downloading and will give it a look see.


Didn't realize it was this easy to make VC changes. I will have to try the same aircraft after breakfast and see if it still works!


VC with clock

VC with clock.JPG



VC with VSI


Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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