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Lockheed/Aermacchi AL-60 1.1


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X-Plane 10 Lockheed/Aermacchi AL-60 1.1


By Alex Jenns



The Lockheed/Aermacchi AL-60 was a light civil utility aircraft of the late 1950s and early 1960s, originally designed by Al Mooney of Lockheed in the United States.


In Italy, Aermacchi purchased a licence to produce the type, first in its original configuration as the AL-60B, then in a modified version for various African customers as the AL-60C. This latter version changed from the original tricycle undercarriage to a taildragger arrangement.


The AL-60C version was built under license by Atlas Aircraft Corporation in South Africa. This aircraft was designated the Atlas C4M and known as the Kudu. Over 40 aircraft were built and served the South African Air Force between 1974 and 1991.


This fantastic aircraft comes complete with a 3D cockpit and a highly detailed exterior.


Lockheed AL- 60_4.jpeg


Lockheed AL- 60_5.jpeg


Lockheed AL- 60_7.jpeg


Lockheed AL- 60_6.jpeg


Lockheed AL- 60_8.jpeg



Download this great aircraft here:





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