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AIFP3 Aircraft Radius Problem


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Hi guys,


SO I downloaded the 2015 flight plans for American airlines, and assigned the proper aircraft to their respective flight plans. I started up flight simulator and went to all the American Airlines HUBS to see if all my new ai aircraft were working. The only aircraft that are appearing are the Boeing 777-300ER, and the 787. I went back and reloaded the flight plans, and the following error screen came up: Parking Radius not known for the following aircraft


AC#998 (757-200)

AC#1006(Airbus 320-200 IAE American Airlines

AC#1004 Airbus 321-200 CFM AMerican Airliens

AC#1003 A321-200 SL IAE American Airlines



I figured why the aircraft aren't showing up at airports is because the radius is unknown and there for they can't park at gates. How do I fix this problem, so that I can see all my aircraft flying and at the gates in fs2004?




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Some FP's are for FSX and some are for FS2004.


Be sure the Flight plans you downloaded are for FS2004.


Flight Plans such as WOAI American have both FSX and FS2004. The FSX FP's have FAIB FSX model planes and do not work in FS2004.


Utilities such as AIFP cannot read the model radius of the FSX plane so it reports it as unknown.

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