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Unwanted right rudder twitches

Roy Miller

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Hi Guys,

I wonder if anyone can help me.

I have recently been suffering a problem whereby the rudder keeps twitching to the right. This is a very pronounced twitch which is making it almost impossible to fly straight and with wings level.

I have recently added a few new planes to my FSX but all was okay at first.

I have recalibrated the pedals on my Logitech G940 equipment but this has made no difference.

If I dab the rudder pedals left and right a few times it stops, but only briefly then it starts twitching again. Planes even fly with the right wing slightly lowered on auto pilot.


Does anyone know what might be the likely cause and how to fix it? It is really spoiling my enjoyment of flying on the sim.





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If you have this problem on default aircraft too, 3 things come to mind:


- Faulty (jittering) pedals.

Usually due dirt on the potmeter contacts, or simply "broken".

But if the calibration is OK and it only happens in FSX itself, you can exclude that.

Try testing the calibration in the standard WIndows Controller settings menu


- There is another controller axis assigned to your Rudder Axis as well.

Which is "jittering".

Causing FSX to constantly use the last Rudder input is sees.

In menu Settings-Controls, tab ControlAxis, check that only ONE controller axis is assigned to the Rudder Axis event. (check for all controllers in the list box).


- Lastly (not likely):

A "stuck" controller button regularly fires a rudder event.

To check: temp. remove all assigned button events in the Button/Keys menu.



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A suggestion. Before removing all assignments:

-1- Unplug the rudder pedals and fly with only keyboard.

-load for instance the default Cessna grand caravan.

-look at aircraft from the back.

-Rudder is centered? If not, it is because of the saved flight or a stuck key.


-center rudder with

Centers, but then moves back to the side? --> it was stuck key

stays centered? --> it was because of the default flight.


--If it was turned because of the saved flight, or if it wasn't turned at all. Then the turn/jitter you had in flight was because of faulty (/incorrectly assigned/calibrated) pedals.


Or because of what rcbarend said.




Then, if you want to remove all assignments to test that, save a copy of file:


the file is in folder:


(save it somewhere else, or copy and rename)

before you change the assignments.


This file contains all your keyboard assignments as you set them up so far.

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