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Try this one... www.flywestwind.com


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Westwind Virtual Airline: The oldest site around and VA with a 15+ year track record.



--> http://www.flywestwind.com/about_westwind.asp


But as a pilot, I have 10 years in, and it is one of the BEST sites i have ever came across... One of the BEST Structured Virtual airlines that i have ever worked with and had fun flying for. Never a dull moment in this VA with many fine destinations from its dozens of hubs, mini hubs, plus the dozens of satellite airports that connect the hubs and mini hubs.


It is 100% accurate, and as real as you can get, setup, operated, and ran like a REAL WORLD Airline which you would find at a real life airport. From an operational stand-point, it is taken very seriously as a Virtual airline. Most of the staff are seasoned veterans of the Aviation world, (real world pilots) and everything in this VA is matched 100% accurate to real world operation of an Airline.


*They do have great perks and challenges. An accurate promotion schedule, models for aircraft, scenery, and flight schedules, ETC... It is worth the time and effort to join and take the plunge to immerse in the world of flight with full support in the areas below.


*WW Supports 2004, FSX, X planes, and Prepare 3d -- Also a Member of VATSIM!


If you are looking for a challenge, and or a good team to fly, this VA is DEFINITELY for you.... !



Hope to see you there!




FA Nathaniel Miller, USN Ret.

Sr. Command Captain +5


West Wind Virtual Airline.

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