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Can I get rid of my Administrator log in requirement for fs9

Wrongway Feldman

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Hello all.

As with many other recent FS9 users, I was quite baffled by the fact that I couldn't log on to my fs9. I have since resolved the problem, but in my first attempt to remedy the problem, I switched my FS9 to administrator log in.

My initial install was renamed and put outside of the x86 program files so I wouldn't have to deal with this every time I logged on.

How do I, or can I, reverse this action so that I don't have to deal with the administrator warning screen.

Many thanks.


Wrongway Thaddeus Feldman

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Reverse the process you used to switch the log in.


Right click on the FS9 shortcut and/or the FS9.exe and look at the Compatibility tab.



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I have the same problem with FS2004 not working and getting the same message re adminstrator login. You say you managed to solve this problem- well done, but how?
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