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Beechcraft Baron B-55 in FS-9???


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A month or so ago, Adam previewed his new Milviz Beech Baron 55. It was a beautiful post, not just because it was posted by a master, but because the B-55 is a truly beautiful aircraft. Years ago, in an earlier version of Flight Simulator, we had a B-55, then Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, eliminated the B-55 in favor of the B-58. There are those that would argue that the 58 is as pretty as the 55, but the enthusiast knows better. Aesthetically, the 55 is a far better looking craft.


It has always bothered me that no B-55 was ever made for FS-9, but there are a lot of wonderful general aviation aircraft that FS-9 passed over. The Mooney Mark 20 comes to mind, a beautiful, small and compact 180 MPH airplane with wooden wings, and then there was its little cousin, the Mooney Mite, a single place beauty that went like a bat! Some of the planes never made for FS-9 are available if you are industrious and are willing to invest the time and effort.


I was willing to make such a commitment to add a Beech Baron B-55 to my FS-9 hanger. I’ll relate the story of how I did it, but first, here she is headed to FL030 on an IFR flight plan from KPVD to KMVY.




A couple of additional angles for you…






This little gem started life in 2005 as an AI aircraft. It was modeled by Klaus Brosemann, who has made some very nice AI planes. It took a while to find it, then it took more time to tinker with the “Aircraft.cfg” file and “Air” file to get it to respond the way I felt a Baron should. Once that was accomplished, it needed to be painted, and finally, it needed a proper panel. I have never adjusted to the 3D panel, so I spent my time researching real B-55’s with an eye towards building a proper 2D panel so this plane could fly. If I had one example saved to my desktop, I had a hundred. I searched all the old flight sims as well for B-55 panels, and found several that were pretty good. What I finally ended up with was a BMP file comprised of cobbled together B-55 panels to make one pretty good one.


Here is a look at the 2D panel with Martha’s Vineyard on the horizon…




I do not have any modern panel making software, all I have is an old version of “CFGEDIT”, a program that was made to work with sims of long ago, and a program they say that will not work in FS-9. The panel took a considerable amount of time as several of the gauges are old and had to be located in the depths of my flight sim archives, but I’m reasonably happy with the way it turned out. Here we are capturing the ILS at KMVY.




Here's a look over the threshold at KMVY




At touchdown (a little too far to the left of the center line, but no von Peerhoven nose crunch!




Finally, Shutdown at the terminal...






Well, that’s the story of how I got a Baron B-55 into my FS-9 hanger. It’s not as fancy as the Milviz, the doors don’t open, but I don’t fly it to open the doors. The gear works, the flaps work, the plane flies, and it looks and feels like a B-55. Oh, while I was tinkering with the files, I gave this plane a “Colemill President II” conversion treatment. It boasts a true 300 HP per engine and will do 200 straight and level, just as Colemill advertises.


Thanks for looking at my Beech Baron. I hope to show her off more in weeks to come.


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Looks like you were kept real busy with this project Klee. The paint and panel look great and you have displayed it beautifully. Thanks for sharing the informative narrative of your progress from start to finish. Well done! :cool: :cool: :D


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KCD back in 1971 I worked at Gregg Aviation at KGGG, we had a B-55 with President 300HP engines belonging to Wilmoth Construction Co. in our hanger. Dan Wilmoth would take off and stand it almost on it's tail. Much steeper climb than any other Baron I ever saw. Great job on your B-55. Very impressive !!!
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