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SSTSIM cruise climb problem

Captain Andy Poppens

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Mate, you've missed a step on the checklist. The best advice anyone here can give you is to read the manual (again. And again, until it sinks in, like the rest of us do). There are no real shortcuts in life or in the Concorde cockpit, so those chapters you skipped? That's right, even those. Who knows, this time next month we might be asking you for help, and that would be pretty cool...

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how does cruise climb work and how do i know when i'm cruise climbing


The most important thing about cruise climb in Concorde is the cog balance. Fuel movement between the tanks is important but the most important part of weight distribution was the positioning of the champagne trolleys. When the passengers were served drinks the trolleys would be moved around the aisles causing a forward shift in cog. This is why concorde would enter periods of level flight, and indeed if the front passengers were heavy imbibers it would cause the aircraft to actually descend a little until the trolleys could be moved further aft.

You will know you are in the cruise climb when the champagne trolley warning light is illuminated on the overhead panel. This alerts the flight deck that the cog will be fluctuating and they can take appropriate action. In severe cases it was not unknown for the co-pilot or flight engineer to run to the back of the aircraft and sit on the floor to add some aft cog.

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how will the autopilot cruise climb give me some steps and what does cog stand for


You use the steps before you take off , to enter the aircraft. Best bet is to leave them behind when you take off.


A cog is what should be whiring around inside your head while you read the manual.

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how do i know that the autopilot has engaged [in MAX CLIMB/MAX CRUISE] mach hold the light doesn't come on


Refer to my reply yesterday at 1.39 pm. In MAX CLIMB/MAX CRUISE the MACH HOLD light should NOT be on.


Using MAX CLIMB/MAX CRUISE is very simple:


A/p on


Throttles full forward

MAX CLIMB engaged


.......... at M2.0/approx 48,000 feet

MAX CLIMB changes to MAX CRUISE automatically

The MACH HOLD autothrottle light may...I repeat may, momentarily come on , but will go out again.

Confirm throttles are still at full forward (you must do this manually..the A/T system will not do this for you)


That is it. No more button pressing. The aircraft will stay in MAX CRUISE climbing slowly for the rest of the cruise. If you get an overspeed the A/T will come on, you will see MACH HOLD light up on the A/T panel and the throttles will retard until you are back at MACH 2.00, then the MACH HOLD light will go out. You must then push the throttles forward again.


On a typical London New York flight do not expect to climb any higher than 54-56,000 feet. Try London-barbados if you want the kudos of flying at FL600

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the throttles are full but nothing happens


No. "The throttles are full but nothing happens" is what you say to your co-pilot at the start of the runway when you have accidentally turned off the engines before takeoff.


"The throttles are full and I cannot ..... climb above xxxxx feet/maintain xxxxx speed etc...is what you need to say to me to get a meaningful answer. Or would you prefer we go back to the champagne carts?


Your choice

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the throttles are full and i cannot climb above fl 480 and your killing me smalls


Ok , a faint glimmer of light is appearing, but i dont know what your smalls have to do with it.


You are too heavy. You wont climb further intil fuel has been burned off (deja vu now), so go and join the passengers for some champagne until that happens.

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