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Scenery for Texas, etc.


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Hi All,


Since we moved back to Texas I thought I'd like to get some better scenery for the state. Also, while I'm at it I'm interested in Utah and Washington. What I'm after is more accuracy in the airports them selves but also in the towns, cities, etc. Any suggestions, thought, comments?


Bill Mattson

Mountain Air 1894


Airspeed, altitude and ideas, bad to run out of all three at the same time

Bill Mattson


Airspeed, altitude and ideas, bad to run out of all three at the same time

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If you like photoreal scenery, check out Megascenery Earth Texas. No, it isn't cheap, but you can't get any more real than that. Heck, you can buzz your own house if you like!


As for airports, check out fsdreamteam. They have Dallas-Ft Worth and Houston available. I have their Vegas McCarren, and it's about as close to the real thing as there is.

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Another place to take a look is http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx/us.html . they have a ton of "stuff"!

Good luck!



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

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I think the fsdreamteam Houston is only for KIAH. Don't think it covers anywhere else.

But it does look pretty good from the shots I've seen. But being artificial SWA, I never

see KIAH, and instead run out of Hobby. I'm not aware of any fancy KHOU scenery.

I'm using a freeware adjustment, but I think it's mainly just setting the gates up

correctly, and doesn't add much visually.

There is a photoscenery of Houston, but as far as I know uses no autogen.

So looks good from way up, but lame when down low. I can't stand being on the

ground and seeing no trees, buildings, etc off in the distance, so never have been

too keen on photo scenery that uses no autogen. It's OK if it does though, like some

Orbx photo sceneries..

So... I ended up using basically the default airports, but spruced up the ground a bit by

using FTX Global and Vector.

Some of the Orbx "free" airports are in Texas. IE: KDWH is one.. I think KSGR might

be another.. Maybe others.. They are spruced up with the usual Orbx stuff like better

lights, static airplanes, etc.. I use KDWH sometimes for the water strip. :pilot:

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I have FSDT's KIAH. Combined with GSX, it's gorgeous and detailed. At times it has caused, with me anyway, a suspension of disbelief. Especially when approaching at dusk and at night.

They do offer a (very limited) free trial to check how it looks and runs on your rig.

As MBKHOU said, it only covers the airport proper, no surrounding areas...


Hope this helps.


E-Buzz :pilot:

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