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Never leave your campfire unattended...


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some shots of my new fire simulation in FSX.


The airport is LIEO, the weather is hot and dry with a light easterly wind with 16knots - the addon used is FireFighterX.


"Uh captain, I hate to disturb you when you have your coffee break, but shouldn't we at least try and save the airport?"

"Oh, allright then".

















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Hi @ll,


may thanks for your replies! The fire effects are FSX stock, it is my addon that makes the fires live (and die, acutally...)


My offer still stands, anyone who wants to try my FireFighterX please drop me a PM here in the forum - the addon will be released as freeware anyway.



Nice plane - is this a B24 - and a freeware model by any chance? If so, where can I get it? It would like to use it for testing with my addon - or you can if you like. My FireFighterX can be tweaked to suit your plane with ease and you actually really can put out those fires, lay barriers, whatever. Just send me a PM here in the forum and I will pass along the download link to my dropbox.

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It's a Consolidated PBY4-2. Airtanker 123 went down in 2002 when the structure of the right wing gave up, both pilots died.

It's a freeware "WIP (Work in progress)" plane, available at SOH. I like airtankers and I'm very interested in your effects. Will send you a PM. Greets! :)



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