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Saitek BIP Panel


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Any body know how to get a saitek bip panel working on a windows 7 pc 6 core 3.5 MHz computer, it's a great computer running only flight sim x, I already have , yoke, pedals, 2 radio panels, switch panel and multi panel and a graphic card running 4 monitors. I must be an idiot because I bought a bip panel when they first came out and never got it working, but I thought by now that saitek would have sorted it out as they are still on sale I wouldn't have a problem, how wrong can I be, I've just bought one today from pilot shop in mirfield, for £120 and suprise suprise It programs up but when I load FSX it's just a blank panel. I've phoned pilot shop but all they can SUGEST is phoning mad taz on Monday. Regards. Fred
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