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Beechcraft Model 18 Volpar Lighting issue


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During night flying with Brian Gladden's FS 2004 Volpar 18, it has a bright light illuminating the

very edge of the left wingtip. Is there a way to eliminate this and just leave the red navigation

light on when the aircrafts lights are on. I love this plane but is there a reason for this

being the way it is.

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Check the [Lights] section in the plane's aircraft.cfg file. One of the entries in this section is causing your problem.

If you have little or no experience with these things you can use the "trial and error" method by de-activating each line by placing a "//'' (double slash) at the beginning of line # 1 and then saving the file. You should then re-select the same aircraft to observe the results. If the problem persists you can remove the "//" and de-activate the next line in the same way. And so on until your problem is solved.


Good luck,


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