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We're kind of back in the USSR

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Ok, that title might be misleading. We're in Poland, Modlin airport, north of Warsaw and we are going to Mińsk Mazowiecki, east of Warsaw in a MiG-21MF (that's the USSR part) in a Czechoslovakian livery. I know it's all messed up, but both airports were/are military.

The scenery of Modlin airport can be found in the library.

epmo_2012.zip (file name, might be wrong though).

Mig-21 by Migsim.cz, a very nice airplane for people who like Soviet/Russian aircraft (me for example).


I'm taking off, the plane is veering of to the right, but the rudder does it's job well.


It's as smoky as the Phantom.


This plane handles quite nicely with the throttle at high rpm. Interesting fact, some pilots called this plane 'pencil' (ołówek). That's just about right.


Cockpit view, why not, it's a nice cockpit, no flat stuff, most of the nobs and switches are functional.


Heading for Mińsk Mazowiecki with the afterburner on (I want to burn some fuel, but frankly speaking I don't know how to dump it on this plane). We're really low in here. If you want to see/share pics from low altitude, here goes a thread:



The tower can see us descending.


Touchdown. It's very difficult to land this plane properly, as a person, who can't land fighters well, I'm kind of happy about this landing.


Taxiing, a very normal experience.

Perhaps some MiG-21MF owner can share some of their screenshots?

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Great Shots Jan! I especially enjoyed the smoke on takeoff. We have a guy near here who has a RW Mig 15 that he flies in and out of our local GA airport. Sometimes the plane is almost hidden by all the smoke it emits!


Sadly, the joke's on us! The guy that puts out all those pollutants is the owner of the auto pollution testing stations in our area. Every time he flies his Mig, he adds to his own job security.

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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