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CTD when put any aircraft at any place in the default KIAH airport


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Hi all,


i have a CTD when put any aircraft at any place in the default KIAH airport at 3:20 pm.

About half an hour before or later of 03:20pm every thing is worked correctly.

Every time at 03:20pm when FSX is loading the traffic this results in an reported serious error and FSX closed automatecly. I looked at the time table and check every airline in the report if the aircrafts are assigned correctly and this is so.

I have no idea what happend.

Please anyone who can help.

Thanks in advance.




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Rather sounds like an bad air-traffic/flightplan file to me. I would start by trying to narrow down what flights are inbound and outbound at this time. Then I would disable them one by one till I found the airline responsible. I would then alter the route of the offending aircraft to a different gate or airport.
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If you have no idea which file it could be AND you have MANY trafficfiles use the 50% method.

To knock out a trafficplan temporarily you can move it to a folder on the desktop. Do this with the sim shut down.


First, knock out 50% of the flightplans. Move them to a folder "Off_1" on the desktop.

Then start fsx to test, and see if still a crash.


If the crash is still there, create a second empty folder "Off_2".

From the remaining files, move again 50% of the files to folder "Off_2"

Test again.


If the crash is now gone, it was caused by one of the files in "Off_2".

Create folder Off_3.

Move the remaining trafficfiles from the FSX folder to folder "Off_3".


Now to Identify which one file was the cause.

Move 50% of the files from folder "Off_2" back into FSX.

Test again.





Once the group that is installed has the offending file AND is small enough to manage, knock them out one by one and test each time. Until you find it.


Much quicker and easier then checking them all one at a time if you have many.

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