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Maam dc3


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I have it installed and have flown it often. I don't fly it as often as I used to but just tried it and no problems.

What specific problems?

Do you have the MAAM-Sim FSX update installed? If not, go to MAAM.org, flightsim stuff, free downloads and look for free stuff foe the RD4. you will find lots of textures and the update.

If you have the update already, let me know if you are having specific problems and I will try to help. I love MAAM-Sim.


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I have searched my messy computer room, many boxes and other places, and have just finally found mt MAAM CD... after a long break I have reloaded FSX again and getting back into flying ... the MAAM DC3 was always my total Favorite... but it was marked for FS2002 and 2004 .. never loaded it into FSX .. now getting game and going to load it in and see what happens.

I am 63 yo and in Australia and my GEEK level is non-existent.. so watch this space I might well be taking you up on your offer to some help time to time.... Many Thanks in Advance..

Ron Munro.

LONG-LAT of home in Google earth. 34°45'21.01"S 138°39'10.67"E

Old Age and Treachery; Will over come Youth and Skill
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