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FS Nav After all this time.


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I recently read another thread on here so as not to hijack it I'll start off this one.


I just read about FSNav, yes I've seen it in other threads but to be honest I never knew what it was and my mistake was to not look further.

Any way I downloaded it and I'm still playing with it at the moment but so far it is great, I bought a program a while ago because I wanted a moving map, that worked OK but there wasn't a lot of detail were as with FSNav there is a moving map and a bit more detail now telling me exactly where I am.


I had to play about a bit to get it on to my second screen so I could see the main FS on the other, somehow I have it working by having one screen docked but I'm sure there is a better way if anyone knows please tell me.


Still a lot to learn on it yet but I like it.

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