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Harpoon Fire Tanker Fix


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For those of you who downloaded the Harpoon Fire Tanker, I found an issue that was preventing the tanks door from opening and retardant to be dropped.


In the aircraft,cfg Smokesystem section, comment out the smoke.0 line as shown:



//smoke.0 = 1, 0, -4, fx_MS_fire_retardant //Remove or comment out for FSX

smoke.1 = 1, 0, -4, fx_MS_fire_retardant

smoke.2 = 1, 0, -4, fx_MS_fire_retardant

smoke.3 = 1, 0, -4, fx_MS_fire_retardant

smoke.4 = 1, 0, -4, fx_MS_fire_retardant


After that fix, you will be able to bring up the Control window (shift+4), and select the doors in order: Door 1, Door 2, Door 3, Door 4 to release 200 gals per door.


Close the 2 doors by clicking Door 1 and 2 when done.


My apologies for this oversight.

Tanker 37 drop.jpg

Milton Shupe, FS2004 Modeler Hack

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