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Can't get saitek working

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I just got fsx and a bunch of saitek hardware and I can't get the hardware to work. Anybody know of a solution? Every time click fly now it loads and then it quiets everytime.


I'd appreciate any help!!!

Have you checked the settings section of FSX to see if its detecting the presence of the joystick? Have you calibrated it in the controller settings section to see that the joystick components are responding to inputs as well as to what intensity/degree/magnitude?


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What version of FSX? Boxed or Steam edition? Also, what did you get from Saitek? Panels? Yokes? Rudders? Best thing to do is after installing FSX, so to http://www.saitek.com and download the latest drivers, and don't forget to download the plugins too. After all that is installed, go into the controller settings for FSX and calibrate your controllers. Even after all that, you will more than likely have to assign functions to some of the switches using the buttons tab in the controller section. Hope that helps.
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