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Hardware problem or lack of configuration for FSX?

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Good Evening All,


My current computer I use to run FSX and also doubles as a home PC.


Every time I play FSX, with-in 5 minutes the game crashes. My computer was built for me by a friend who claimed to know what a computer required to run FSX smoothly.


This is my hardware:


Window's 64bit

Intel Core i7 CPU 860 2 x 2.80 ghz

12gb Ram

AMD Radeon HD 6900 series

1 TB hard drive


I would be grateful for any feedback or suggestions?

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Your cpu is not great. Slow.

See it here compared to my trusty 3570k.

notice yours is from 2009, mine from 2012.



But, now for the good news, that should not cause your crashes.

For finding the cause of your crashes you will need to look in the Windows "Event Log".

(In Control Panel -- System.)


Then report to us the "faulting module" that is causing the crash.

As mrZippy explains here.






Also, since it is a new install, you may need to install the uiautomationcore.dll file.

also explained in that thread.

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