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Ultimate Terrain Europe for FS9


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UTE makes a more dramatic difference for VFR flights but its improvements are certainly noticeable even for high-and-fast IFR. The only issues you may find are sceneries designed for the default rivers and shores may not be positioned properly on UTEs corrected features (an office tower may be in a river, or a railroad track crosses a runway, etc.); in many cases, particularly payware, there are patches to correct this.


Overall I'd say it is definitely worth it. In fact my major complaint with UT is that it is only available for Europe and North America.

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Many payware airport sceneries have intall options that you should select if using UT.


I would do a thorough search in the UT forums and the forums for your payware airports. You may find that a reinstall or a "repair" of your scenery would be of benefit after you install UT.


It wont do any harm if you do not do this, but where the airport has has an option to blend in better with UT you might as well be taking advantage of it.


I use UT Europe and am very happy I bought ti.

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