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Saitek Yoke Question


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QUESTION: Is there is any way to use the Saitek Yoke, without the rudder pedals?


To those of you who have Saitek's Yoke, I sure this will sound rather naive. The reason I ask is because I have limited room under my desk and that is where the pedals would have to go, so I didn't order them. I have the yoke now and it works normally, but...no rudder control.


I've looked through all the control settings in FS9 and don't see where the rudder can be coupled like with a joystick where rudders are operated with a twisting motion. So I think I already know the answer, but am curious to know if it is even possible.


JonB :confused:

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Yes, it is in the settings, you are looking for a checkbox marked autorudder. I'm not in my sim right now so I can't tell you exactly where, but look closely, you'll find it. Or simply Google FS2004 autorudder, I'm sure you'll find the exact location.
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