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Default Aircraft still showing in Super Traffic Board.


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I've sent Simon from STB a couple of emails but as yet he hasn't got back to me so I thought someone on here might have had the same problem.

For some reason after installing TrafficX when I go to STB the default airlines are still listed on the board, if I select one of them I can't view it nor are they showing at any of the airports, so in effect they are not there but they still show on the board taking up space.

I have renamed the default traffic.bgl and still they show so I removed it from FSX and still they show, I searched the addon scenery folder just in case anything in there.


This is strange because every thread I have read so far on the internet all say once the default bgl is renamed then no default traffic will show, well that is correct in a sense but they show on the Super Board.


So that is my problem, has anybody else experienced this and if so what did you do to cure it?

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Well all sorted!


I made the mistake of NOT reading the manual, I got a message from Simon from STB and all I had to do was activate 'Compile Airports' again, I did that it took less than a minute and all the default traffic has now gone.

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