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Texture failure of what ever


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Well I have myself a problem. Some where along the line I changed something or something got changed in one of the folders/files and now when I start the engines on a prop plane the textures are moving. I had this happen once before and recovered it by returning a backup file but now I don't remember what I did. Also the lighted afterburner does not show.


I have included a before and after picture. The left wing is correct on the C-130 before and the left wing on the after shows the tearing effect. I started the 2 left engines and the result is shown in the after pic. This happens on all prop planes.


I have a backup of a separate usb connected hard drive and the sim works fine except it is old and I have added many planes.


So any ideas of how to try to fix this problem will be appreciated.


BTW on the after the texture keeps moving and changing.




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Looks like something got hosed in the effects folder so I copied the effects folder from the back up to the effects on the regular hard drive and it seems to be fixed. I guess the smoke effects was causing the problem


So thanks for the look into.

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