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FSX Crashing Since Adding Monitors- Graphics Card?


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Hello Community-


I have a PC w/ Win7 that is devoted just to flight simming.


Lately, its crashing far more frequently. Process just halts and goes back into Windows.


Its a very very clean setup. Here's the config:


- Win 7 PC

- i5 4960 overclocked to 4.4 and is very stable. Has been stress tested for 24hrs without problem

- 16GB ram and 128GB Samsung SSD

- Nvidia GTX 660 (Is this the problem?)

- 3 1080p monitors

- 2 Add Ons: ORBX FTX NorCal and REX 4 Texture Direct

- FSX settings are moderate for the most part. Low car/boat traffic... nothing super high.


The logs keep showing terrain.dll as the culprit.


Its doing this more since adding the 2 additional 1080p monitors. I know FSX relies more on processor.


Seems the weakest link in the setup is the GTX 660.. thoughts if upgrading this would help?



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