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How to get a shaking vc view on all aircraft (like in the BN-2 vc by Marcel Kuhnt)


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Hi, I hope someone is able to help.


I have got the Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander Bremerhaven (D-IAAI) by Marcel Kuhnt.


I wondered whether there is an possibility to get the pilot's head's inertia (shaky movement of perspective in e.g. turbulences within the virtual cockpit) working on all aircraft.

I've read through the aircraft and panel config files but wasn't able to find anything.


Does anyone have an idea where I could find these parameters if not in the panel.cfg / aircraft.cfg or if there's another way to implement this feature?


Best regards


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Guest Sascha66
Not sure that giving a link that leads directly to a download is such a great idea. I personally would like to know what I'm about to download before I download it.


Simple, it downloads a programme that has the feature requested by the topic starter.


Of course one can go to http://www.vatsim.net/pilots/pilotsclients/fsinn/ which contains the link and find out ... absolutely nothing about FScopilot, because there is nothing on that page.


Can't help you there, sorry!




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