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what controls the throttle?!


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I want to know where the signals for throttle control are stored in the computer. All of a sudden, the throttle in every aircraft is stuck in idle. I have tried everything I can think of. I deleted all axis in the sim control. I have rebuilt the fsuipc.ini. I even rebuilt the p3d.cfg. Somewhere, this signal is being sent from. I am pulling my hair out at this point and hope that someone can tell me where else this signal an be stored. I even unpluged all hardware and erased there drivers.


thx Lee:confused:

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Did you disconnect your joystick/pedals (yes, you said all hardware, but...) and all USB/gameport connections? To the best of my knowledge, the current throttle setting information is dynamically set somewhere within the software, and is unlikely to be something you can just hex edit (or text edit, for that matter). Something (perhaps your stick or a bad USB or game port or such) is causing that setting -- it's not likely just stuck software, though I suppose there could be a registry entry, but I tend to doubt that. And, of course, you've rebooted.


Sorry for perhaps suggesting something you've already done, but when all else fails, going over things again sometimes helps. Perhaps someone else has some ideas.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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If ALL your throttles are stuck at idle and other controls work it's unique to the logic path of the throttle.


You have stick(yoke) connected to USBG/Gameport managed by software driver.


Eliminate them one by one. Can you control the throttles with the keyboard?


Narrow it down and tell us your hardware etc.



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I had this problem and found that if you click on the SPD button in autopilot to turn on ( which was off) then click again to turn it off then my throttles would work again.I think this came about due to me changing different planes and there became a mismatch saved as default. Hence once you get it going you need to save the settings as the default flight or it will need to be done at the start of every flying session.

Could be why you aren't finding a hardware solution. I fly a Lear45 cockpit so need to access the software occasionally to fix the hardware !

I hope this is in the ball park of your problem or at the least may help someone else.

Good luck.


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