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Alienware 17 laptop graphic card upgrade

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new to fsx using qw757, i am disapointed in the performance of my graphics, i have had a play with settings but i cant seem to get it looking right, especially at airports, looks awful. i even bought xtremes 2000 airport manchester, still looks bad, like flashing all over screen mainly on the tarmac? any ideas?

i seen some of the video's on you tube, and they look amazing.

so i come to the conclusion i need a better graphics card, at present i have the GTX860M, seems its not up to the job, so does anyone know if i can upgrade, and what better graphics card can i put in? get much better performance.



does anyone have idea when qw will bring out new 787?

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Sounds like you have the DX10 preview turned on, this usually causes flashing of the taxiways. If this is the casa, to get rid of the flashing you need to purchase Steve's DX10 Fixer - or turn DX10 preview off.


Not sure about those Dells I read somewhere you can upgrade the GPU - but you need to check with Dell on this. Normally you cannot upgrade the GPU of a laptop, it is soldered in on the mobo. Dell used to have these "graphics amplifier" thingies, where you could plug in a standard GPU. Maybe that one works with your laptop too.

What CPU have you got in the laptop?


No idea when QW will be releasing the 787. If I am not mistaken, the announcement and the screenshots have been up for almost 2 years now.

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