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Lost connection on upload, does relate to flight sim


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I just had cox internet installed sunday.


so far I can not do any big uploads without losing my net connection and having to reset the modem.


I mean big upload like a mega pack, or a 2 gig video to Youtube that I frapped and do not want to convert smaller because I will lose my quality


I got a new modem today. still not fixed


tech changed wall panel. still not fixed


tech on phone said account had not been properly activated...... guess what?


still not fixed -- yes I am writing poetry here


I am on win7 pro, disabled wifi, disabled blue tooth


see some kind of tunneling in my ipconfig and was told by a forum I can remove that.


I was told to get IPv6 out of my network stack also because it is not used. I probably will not do that.


It is a cisco router / gateway da da da da ethernt / wifi (you get my drift)


Cisco is docsis 3.0


I was told to do something at command prompt with winsock but that did not help.


Also I am running windows7 on a pc that was designed for windows 8.1 it is a Dell XPS


Moral of the story...................... still not fixed



.::Gateway::. i5, 8GB Memory, 2gb Nvidia Video Card, Win7, FS9, FSX, P3D

Android User. Sometimes Ubuntu User.

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