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Good day All,


Have made the change to w10 and find that after giving the go to "fly now" the a/craft image on main monitor gets stretched and the second monitor, which I use to drag gps, radio atc etc to, has changed to only allow me half of the screen.


In normal operation of w10 I can drag to second monitor no problem.


All drivers have been updated, I have had FSX build a new shader folder and a new cfg file. All monitor resolutions have been set correctly.


My monitors are - main Samsung syncmaster p2350 and second is acer al1715. the acer al1715 will not set higher than 1440x1080, could this be the problem with w10 not handling anything less than 1920x1080??


Any help appreciated as I have 3 weeks left before my option to go back to w7 expires




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This is an issue with win10 drivers. Dual screens are setup differently in Win10, which is causing some issues with games.


I found that if I set both screens to the same resolution they both work. But one may be out of position slightly (ie bars or missing bits top/bottom).


If you have and AMD card I advise activating super resolution option to ensure both screens can use the same resolution without issue.

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Windows 10 has not been tested like other Windows versions. Seeing how they are offering a large number of their W10 as a free upgrade, this is trial by error. I don't recommend anyone get W10 until it has been out for a while. W10 is operating with DX12 in mind, and FSX requires a native 9.0x platform. It is my understanding this may not be resolved easily. But then, I am not a programmer.


It has already been stated that W10 is meant to spy on the user. There have already been multiple media forums on this topic. To those who don't believe it, search for it. Be cautious of a multi-billion/trillion dollar company that gives its prize stallion away for free (even if it isn't to EVERY ONE). There is always a catch.


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Guest AdmiralBlack


is there any progress on this issue? I have exactky the same problem and don't know how to fix it. It occurs only in full screen mode. If I switch to windowed mode (ALT-ENTER) it works. But that's not the desired mode.

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