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i am a beginner to fsx, have got qw757 which i love, but now i would like to get more involved with flight planning

getting more involved with using FMC using waypoints etc. not just use the fsx flightplanner and loading it into FMC, i now want to progress.

can anyone advise on a good fightplanner software thats not too difficult to use, for beginners.

also can anyone advise on airport information, what runways to use, ok on departure as i can just switch ATC on to find runway being used. how do you find out at arrival airport what runways? i seem to be ok now on cold and dark, setting up aircaft correctly, engine starts, taxi, take off, using LNAV and VNAV ok, my problem is landing, the descent. prepare to land, can anyone give me some advice.


also is it possible to just use ATC when your near arrival, so that ATC will direct you to the right runway to use etc , if so, how can you do it

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This is an excellent flightplanner and more. Plus it is free...http://www.simbrief.com/home/?page=home


You can tune to ATIS when about 50nm from the arrival airport to find the runway in use. I know this is not much help if you want to pre-program an arrival STAR and Runway. If you use a weather engine you should be able to find out the wind at your destination which may give you a clue.

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