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FSK Fresh Installation with best add-ons


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Hello Members,


Could you please share your experience and advice me about the best addons and only important to be installed in my FSX although, I've the following installed already "The purpose of this Post is because I wanna format the PC and start with fresh Copy"


1. FDC live Cockpit

2. REX Essential Plus Overhead

3. X Graphics

4. Active Sky 2012


6. Tree X


8. Ground Environment

9. High Definition Jetway

10. PMDG 737 NGX

11. iFly737 full version (Cockpit Builder)


and many others... If you suggest something not listed above , please mention me.


My PC Specs are listed below:


1. Intel Core i7 3.40 Ghz

2. 16 GB DDR3

3. windows 7 64 bit

4. Full Cessna Cockpit

5. Triplehead2go

6. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670

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