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New Qualitywings 757 Review On the Block.


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Hello all. I wanted to let you all know that I have posted a review of the Qualitywings 757 on my blog. This review is part of a series called "How Has It Held Up?" where I take some of the older products on the market, and shed light on them. Some of these airplanes are hidden (or not) gems, and deserve fame once more.


Additionally, you can subscribe to the RSS feed, to know when my posts go live. Or, if you would rather, you can follow me on Twitter @fsxreviewscorp, and instantly get notified when I have published an article. My website can be found at fsxreviews.wordpress.com

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The only complaint I have with the QW 757 is that the panel lights are too dim inside the cockpit and I have not found a way to brighten them....AND, I have read where other Simmers have commented about this too....but I enjoy the plane a lot but only fly it in the daytime...LOL...al v
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