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Delete all the default Vehicle in P3D ?


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I use P3D V2.5

I don't use the default airplanes... I am using add ons like PMDG airplanes and A2A, Aerosoft Airbus and other Professional airplanes.


If i can delete all the default airplane ? i can do it without bugs in the simulator? problems or errors? or bugs in sceneries or in other programs? (GSX, ASN)?


because i don't use the airplanes and it is hard to me to find the airplanes i want to fly with them.


it's possible?


Thank you guys!

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IIRC you can just RENAME the aircraft.cfg file in EACH default a/c folder and they won't show in the selection list but any panels, sounds etc that are aliased will work.


The other way is to mark all the aircraft you WANT as favorites and then select show favorites in the selection menu - you won't see the unmarked ones.



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Never delete the default aircraft. To add to the sage advice already given, what happens when you need do a clean reboot because your log file is corrupted or you're refreshing a deleted Prepar3d .cfg?

Bugs and errors, everywhere.

Lots of options before you do something you will later regret.

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You can also make the aircraft you fly a 'favourite' with the checkbox behind its name. Below the list of aircraft there's a checkbox to only show your favourite aircraft.

Cheers, Bert


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