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i have a problem,

i want crate an demo team on FS2004 (red arrows), i have already installed the aircrafts (nr 1 to 9) and maked a flightplan (EHRD-EHEH-EHAM-EHRD-etc).

the nine aircrafts departing at the same time from the gate, and taxxing in line to the runway. but they dont take off at the same time, they must hold short on runway 24 at EHRD.

I followd Red 7 with a Hawker Hunter, but they dont make an formatian etc etc.


somebody know how i can make an 'airshow display'?

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This is not easy, you need separate AFD files for each AI aircraft, and make sure the path lengths from parking are identical.

FS does not easily do timing to the required accuracy either!

It's been done, see for example


FS2004 (ACOF) - Misc.FS2004 AI Thunderbirds Flight Demo

[ Download | View ]

Name: aitbdemo.zip

Size: 6,662,250 Date: 02-15-2006 Downloads: 2,371


The easiest way to get formation AI is using Recorder Module - the tracks resulting are much more accurate and you can do much more, too.

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I built on the ideas of the above package, and released this one:


FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 AI Flight PlansFS2004 Royal New Zealand Air Force AI

[ Download | View ]

Name: rnzafa21.zip

Size: 29,659,394 Date: 02-28-2009 Downloads: 1,205



FS2004 Royal New Zealand Air Force AI Airshow Package 2 Redux. A complete AI package of scenery, aircraft and flight plans, this is an airshow practice and sortie package which focuses on Ohakea airbase in New Zealand.

It does a whole lot of AI formations, you could try reverse engineering it for your own entertainment!

The party trick was to get this to work:

The eight jets arrive from different points of the compass, and make the crossover directly over the airshow runway.



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