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Problems with real-weather

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When I save flight with real weather (static or dynamic), and I'm out for a while, I can't load it again. It happens always with and without SP's and mods. Also operation system has no affect on it, thing happened on XP and 7. Sometimes FSX crashes when flying with real weather. Flying with static themes is boring. Is there any trick to fix it up? Or maybe some mods? Has anyone got situation like that? I know that default real weather is poor. I just want to fly in changing weather.


P.S.: Sorry, but I have no money for payware mods. And sorry for mistakes, it's not my native language.


I hope you can help me:D

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It's Settings|Customize|Weather|and check download winds aloft with real world weather. Then when you set up a new Free Flight on the main screen under 'current weather' press 'Change' and then click the Real-world weather (updated every 15 minutes) radio button then press 'OK' and you're set to go.



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