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Default taxiway signs


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After intalling ivao on FS2004 i've noticed that there are no more taxiway indicators on every default airports....

I think the file is on the cd3 of fs9 .bgl but i don't know the exact name of the file(s) and how i can do to resolve this problem.

Thanx a lot for your help and sorry for my bad English :pilot:

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Default taxiway signs are stored per separate default airport in each original APnnnnnn.bgl file, which in turn can contain any number of airports and the dedicated data necessary for the correct functioning of ATC, the AI engine, etc. These APnnnnnn.bgl files can be found in the default folders, e.g. in NAME, EURW, ASIA, AFRICA, etc.


I do not have IVAO myself but I do find it difficult to believe that a system like IVAO will somehow remove the existing taxiway signs from all original FS9 APnnnnnn.bgl files, while leaving the rest of their very specific data, ground sceneries, etc. intact.


In this respect I would want to suggest that you check some of the above mentioned default folders for the presence of edited APnnnnnn.bgl files. If any such edits have been automatically performed by a system such as IVAO then it should have re-named (= de-activated) the original files, should have left them in place and should have added it's own edited ones.


Are you sure that taxiway signs have been removed from airports all over the world, also from the larger ones ? Can you name a specific default example airport for me to check ? Did you edit any ADE files with the Afcad program ?



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