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Panels and Views Not Displaying, flickering cursor instead


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Hi all, I am here, obviously, looking for some good help with an issue that has not already been identified and in most part resolved. Despite all the support I was able to find, I have yet to have managed success in my case. Perhaps I'm unable to follow all the different suggestions. Who knows.


My issue is the annoying system bogging spinning cursor when applying panels in a high resolution, multi-monitor scenario.


I enjoy flying the PMDG 737NGX in DX10 mode (commercial fixer) across 3 23" monitors using NVIDEA's surround mode. I have a combined resolution of 5760x1080. I can only use FSX (+Acceleration) in windowed mode. In full screen, things are disgustingly out of aspect and not very sharp. I have the WideViewAspect set to TRUE in my FSX.cfg [Display] section.


In most part, the majority of pop up panels have been resized and parked in my preferred spot on my display with some tweaking to the panel.cfg file. However, I have had no luck whatsoever with the 'Lower Main" panel, or by selecting the "cockpit" view. Selecting it sends it into an unrecoverable state (except closing and restarting FSX) where the system is "busy" ... the cursor flickering in a constant work mode, not to mention the panels or views aren't displayed.


In most part I've been able to avoid using this panel and , although I'm sure I would use them more if I could. There is nothing worse than being into an approach accidentally hit that panel view and have to abort that flight because it's just become unmanageable in the resulting state. I'm considering investing in EzDok, but I'm afraid that until I figure out how to resove the flickering cursor issue, EzDok may not provide me good results.


I would greatly appreciate any reply that can send me to a solid "works for everyone" fix (I don't really know what is going on so its difficult to find the right search terms) , or explain clearly to me what is actually happening and perhaps the best way to approach it to repair it.



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1) Try turning off DX10 mode.

2) If you want to return to DX10 mode, you need to download and install a DX10 fixer.


The built-in default DX10 "PREVIEW" is exactly that. Without some intervention, it is very buggy.



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I have had this issue long before I started using DX10. It appeared at the time I switched from a single monitor setup to a multi-monitor setup.


There are all sorts of problems with 2D panels and multi-monitor setups. If you google 'flashing cursor from hell' you will read a lot about it. I can't comment specifically on your issue as I don't have the PMDG aircraft. In my experience you ought to be able to run an nvidia 3-screen setup without such problems. For me it's only an issue when I drag a 2D panel onto a fourth monitor and then try to save the flight. Then I get pretty much what you have described.




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Hi, this is the 'flickering mouse cursor of death', a common problem with multi-screen setups. The 2D panels are too large at this resolution and FSX cannot display them. Unfortunately, the error message telling you so is too large too, hence the flickering cursor (looping between the error windows it cannot display...).


There are quite a few fixes, from resizing the critical panels in the panel cfg (window_size=0.250, 0.250 - or whatever factors work for you) to googeling for a replacement cfg (I think you can get it from PMDG).


Or just do not use them, the VC with a few EZDOK camera positions set up will give you the same thing. With your three screens I strongly suggest full screen, plus TrackIR with EZDOK and set the zoom factor to at least 1.00-1.15. TrackIR takes a little getting used to, but it is worth it IMO - but as with everything, it is a matter of taste. I'm using a 3 screen setup in triple full HD too (24"). But I cannot read these small dials anymore and I just hate 2D panels blocking my view, so I use large zoom settings and move my head a lot. For me, having to turn my head to look at things is natural, but to those people who want to always see the whole cockpit at a glance this setup will not appeal.

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I have this same problem also with FSX only. Sometimes if I undock a window and move it to my 2nd monitor and then try to move it back later I get this. I fly only in VC and undock the GPS, Overhead, ATC Window. I have learned to undock windows only in P3DV2 because it is the only one that works properly.
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