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Installing FSX Acceleration SDK


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I apologies for post this as I am aware that there is a post on it, but it really frustrated me because I did everything in the post but it still didnt work.


The reason I want to install the SDK, for FSX is because I am after a list of all airports and there ICAO, and I have been told that the SDK, has a dump for airports, which will give me the list I am after.


I have had FSX for a while and didnt play with it much, however since getting into DCS World, I have been wanting to learn to fly a plane using FSX, because unfortunately my health wont allow me to become a real pilot so I have to settle for being a virtual pilot.


I installed SP1a, then installed Accelerations. after than I then installed the SDK, after installing the Sp1a SDK, then I believe it was SP2 of SDK. My main program folders are on my F drive, however the appdata file is on the c:drive but my document file is on my F:drive.


I followed the post on How to install SDK for FSX Gold. But it didnt work, not tools menu appeared in FSX.


So I am just wondering is the some guide that will explain it clearly enough, so that I can get it to work on first go.


I just want to get the Airport ICAO (ID) codes.


Hope to hear from you all soon.

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Five things:


You don't need SP1 or SP2

All you need is FSX deluxe, Then acceleration.



Your SDK installed parts must be the same as the parts you installed for FSX.



There is a fantastic guide for installing the SDK

Google together:

FSdeveloper wiki sdk




Here is a thread that explains it all.

(It was cut short, no confirmd succes, but all the info is pretty much in there.)

BUT, it does refer to the FSDeveloper Wiki many times.

Explaining it for every one individually is really of little use. Each system is different, and other people that stumble upon the thread might get the wrong idea.


The thread explains installing FSX acceleration first, then setting up the SDK.




The FSDeveloper Wiki has a link at the bottom to a "troubleshooting" page. If it does not work as expected after installing, look there.

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