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UTX USA 2 vs ORBX Global


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I only fly in the USA. I do low, slow, VFR most all the time. Oh, and I don't have much money. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out if the new UTX USA 2 would be a better buy than the ORBX Global (I know its cheaper). Is it a good VFR eye candy? Appreciate any thoughts or opinions.
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I was in the same dilemma a few years back, and I went with the UTX.


I did try out the various ORBX demos. They were very nice indeed, and ran and rendered good, even on (back then) my old very underpowered pc. That said, price was my biggest reason for going with UTX.


I also started with the USA only. I liked it so much I went and bought each environment separately after that, and soon (as money permitted) I had the whole world covered.

Don't regret doing so whatsoever. Nor have any buyer's remorse then, or now.


On top of all that, the support from the UTX devs and the UTX forums is top notch imo.


Hope that helps, good luck.



my flight simming system: Windows 10 CyberPower PC i5 6600k 3.5 gHz, Gigabyte NVidia GTX 970 graphics, with FSX, FSXSE and P3D all installed side-by-side on a Crucial 525 SSD. Dual monitors, with a Saitek X52 joystick w/ rudder pedals for controls. It's all powered by a Thermaltake TR2 Gold 700W power supply sitting in a Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 case.


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Apples and oranges


FTX Global is a texture replacement pack

UTX is a vector graphics and (to a limited extent) landclass.


Only one has a moneyback guarantee under the Flight 1 no quibble warranty.


If you are actually looking for a like-for like compairsion then it's FTX Global VECTOR v. UTX, but that is a moot point as FTX Vector requires a prior installation of FTX Global.


So as money is the issue you've made your own decision.

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I have both. UTX + GEX and FTX Gloabal + FTX Vector.


I got tired of fighting the airport elevation problems with the FTX package, and have removed it from my Sim.


Just look at the Support Threads on AVSIM (if FTX will let you without a registration key) and you'll see endless problems with the FTX package.


While UTX/GEX has had some problems they are normally quickly resolved.


Another positive for UTX/GEX is that when there was a conflict when using UTX and FTX Global, the UTX team created a work around patch for the UTX users. FTX's solution for the problem was to "remove UTX".


And as mentioned, the difference in price is another plus for UTX/GEX. Their new night lighting addon (included in the UTX package) is also very cool.


Not affiliated with UTX. Just a user that has found what works for me.



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Hi g8tr,

(Nice name - Florida, I get it!)


How does FSX run for you now? Are you running a "vanilla" installation (no addons)?

The reason I ask is because just about any addon to FSX will have some sort of impact, and that impact usually (but not all the time) manifests itself as a slowdown (as in lower FPS and/or smoothness). Since you didn't post (or at least I didn't see) your computer's specs and OS, I'm going to assume you're not having any problems right now and you're getting good performance in FSX.


mallcott is correct that comparing UTX to Global is the apples and oranges thing.

Comparing something like GEX (Ground Environment X) to Global is closer.

Like stvn, I too was in the same position a few months ago - Global or something else?


The decision was a bit easier for me because I already had GEX, and the inexpensive upgrade offer to v2 was available. So I was looking at about $15 for the GEX upgrade vs. about $74 for Global.

Since, like you, I also fly in the USA 99.999999% of the time, I did the GEX upgrade.

And, I'm very happy with my decision - the new GEX textures are approaching (in my insignificant opinion) Global/FTX quality, especially in the urban (cities) areas.

Now, I don't have Global, but I do have a number of Orbx regions and airports and I must say that on my rig, I get better framerates and smoothness while flying in those areas - better than in my GEX/UTX areas. But, that also might be like comparing apples to oranges. In the UTX forums, there was some mention that the Global night lighting may be more efficient than the UTX lighting (the UTX lighting is very good and is very configurable), so I do sometimes wonder if I would get the same kind of performance with Global all over the world as I get within Orbx regions.

Anyway, if you do decide not to go with Global, I would suggest considering both GEX and UTX at the same time - they do work very well hand in hand (by design), and with UTX you have very accurate and up to date vector/road data (they are using Tom-Tom data now).


But here are some of the caveats:

UTX and GEX together will cost about $60 (about $30 each) and only cover the USA/Canada. If you want more areas of the world, you'll have to pay more for each area.


Global is currently about $74 and you have the whole world covered. But, you'll still need (or maybe want) a vector program such as UTX or FTX Vector.


I also advise doing your research (Google is your friend) and look at all possible screenshots of those products, visit and ask questions to actual users on forums, etc.

As mallcott said, with GEX and UTX, there is a no-questions-asked refund policy from Flight One, so if you don't find GEX/UTX a good fit for you, you can get your money back easily.


Hope this helps,


E-Buzz :pilot:

i5 4690k @ 4.7gHz (Water-cooled), 8GB ram, GTX 960 2GB, 850 EVO 1 TB SSD, 50" LED TV + 2x27" monitors, Thrustmaster HOTAS, Win 8.1 Pro, P3DV4, TrackIR, EZDOK, a bunch of Orbx stuff, a chair, a hacked-up desk, and a cold drink.
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