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Another ASKY Question!


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Hello I am not sure which is the most up-to-date version of ASKY that will work with fs9.

but it might be time to upgrade .

My question.

I don't have credit cards, so if I want to download the latest ASKY I will have to ask a friend who has CCs I will pay him and he will download it for me onto HIS laptop.

can I then transfer it to a portable drive /flash drive etc from his laptop then load and run the program on my PC?



cheers Andy

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1. Active Sky Evolution


2. Yes, that would be fine.


Thanks Jim.

I iam a little reluctant to download ASE simply because I may get exactly the same problem as iam having with Asky 6.5.I.E it simply won't start correctly.

And it will not Download any weather either latest or archive.

I have had 6.5 for years and with no problems. Last night all these issues arose.

Download will get as far ten percent and then stops that's it.

I have tried unin rein ,modify,repair ,updating etc no joy.

This PC is only used for Sim purposes ,so I have no idea why this has occurred.



Have to setlle for weather themes ,or use fs9 live weather which means flying sideways or backwards .

Anyways cheers SOC.

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