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Windows 10 vs. FS2004


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I've read the Win10 vs. FS2004 posts here and on some other sites, but I would like to know if anyone who is running FS2004 on a 32-bit computer has had problems installing Windows 10; and if you did, how did you solve the problem on that computer.





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I am sorry I can not answer your question but I would like to make some comments and not start a new thread. I am finding it ironic that fs9 is working better with win8.1 then fsx is in my case. The only reason I say this is because I have issues with fsrecorder and flight reset. Both of those cause crashing to desktop for me with win8.1


So the interesting question is what would be the easiest way to solve problems. Install win10 or go back to win7. You really should not need a phd in electrical engineering to run flight sim. I have seen a lot of addons that say they only work with win7. That does not even get into the whole can of worms of what is better boxed edition or steam edition.


Wow I am going to need a flow chart and a pros and cons list to figure some of this out.



.::Gateway::. i5, 8GB Memory, 2gb Nvidia Video Card, Win7, FS9, FSX, P3D

Android User. Sometimes Ubuntu User.

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