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Scenery layering problem


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Hi @ll,


lately I noticed a strange problem with my scenery.


In this setup I am running a few mesh addons, UTX Europe, MSE Italy and a couple of addon airports in Italy.

Everything is layered correctly, default scenery way at the botton, then Mesh, then MSE, then UTX, then on top come the airports.


My problem is, that the refined features of my addon mesh and UTX are overridden by the default ocean on the coastlines. UTX and MSE obviously know where the real coastline is, and they show it, but the default ocean cuts them flat. I will inlcude two screenshots at the bottom of this post to illustrate it. I know that it is the default scenery, because if I disable the corresponding scenery "0602" (this is a piece of the coast of western Sardinia), then everything looks like it should. But then only on the coast, because disabling the default removes pretty much every piece of the Mediterranean sea.


My questions are:

- Did anyone experience this and maybe has a cure for it?

- Is there a tool where one can determine in which default .bgl file a certain spot on the globe is modelled? I can do this with ADE for airports, but scenery? I will buy a tool if necessary. My goal is to find the file responsible for the default mesh and scenery and maybe disable it or layer some exclusion on top.

- Shouldn't UTX+mesh override the default scenery?? It is layered with way higher priority...


Many thanks in advance for your comments or suggestions - flying in this environment is no fun if one knows the terrain...


"0602 Base" deactivated:



With "0602 Base":


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