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ATC Nightmare


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I've had a few incidences where ATC have either fowled up or acted strange but this last one was the worse I've ever had.


I set an IFR flight from Rotterdam to Rugen and the full journey was constant hand overs, I don't mean the normal routine type ones this was handing me over to one controller only for him/her to acknowledge then had me over again, this was constant.

I kept on the air because of route changes etc but it was crazy.

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You flew low. When you fly low you pass through many small airspaces. Therefore many controllers. If you do that flight above 20.000 or so you will only get amsterdam center and maybe 1 or 2 more centers in germany.

Btw, there is one center in germany that just says "Center". You can fix it so it says Karlsruhe center like it should.

There is a edit voicepack modification in our file library. Made by nuitkati.

Search the file library for:

karlsruhe wim demeyer

(and install editvoicepack to use it. There are older free versions of evp available as well, on the official EVP site.)

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